Tuesday, 4 November 2008

ring a ring a roses

stuart loxley loves. so once a dear friend of mine asked another dear friend of mine, as to what it was like living with some new aged travellers, well we have started collecting the rings, now all we need is a speed boat. me and jennifer, went and had lunch and this is how i became productive.

shakespears house.

me on the beach, i caught five crabs no bigger then the tip of a finger and one fish, all with my bear hands. one day i might feed a crab up, and call him a dear friend also.

have been starting digging, when i have time, between work and grown up important things, all covers are on and the jumps are a soggy as dipped buiscuits.

bum bermer

hope all have a fabulouse day.
do you know that if the clouds went away then it would be sunny.
peace and love. aidan x

dont call me baby

so we have a computer again and now i can put some lovely photos up, have been working alot lately, the trails are super wet and it seems like some early morning visits to dig will have to happen lots this winter. anyway, if anyone reads this, go to www.howies.co.uk and read about a very interesting company.
peace and love, aidan. x

Friday, 24 October 2008


i aidan mahon am going to start a countryside fetish car boot sale, but i could call it a car booty sale. im in somerset at the moment and theres a really drunk chick in the pub and is annoying she just smashed a glass and shes having one of those chick im going to cry moments. duuuurrrhhhhh.
any hoo here is a picture of me that davros took im super stoked on. a little interview on me on deluxe, have a look might make you smile who nows. she really is annoying. have a lovely weekend, i would like to go to the beach.
peace and love aidan x x

the library 2

so being my new home as of late. i have learnt alot. they have computors that you can use for free.
still no pictures but we do have a cat living in our shed, we have named the cat santa, have created i little bed for him or her which santa does sleep in and we feed santa every evening.
im off to dig then work then go to somerset for the weekend. im stoked. have a lovely weekend my lovers.
peace and love aidan x x

Friday, 17 October 2008

priceless memories

the best thing about this update is that if you know jib then you will laugh alot. im on his computor, and im stoked. go ahead and chuckle.

Thursday, 16 October 2008

the library

so this is what it has come to, i have to update from the library. i guess it makes me feel important, apart from theres this lady who allways tells me that the university of winchester was highly recomended to her, i allways say thats lovely and carry on. bless.

so have ridden the jumps a bit and churtsey jam was pretty rad, this isw an indian summer.
havnt got a camera at the moment and have no computor, and i am so poor that i actually have no money untill the cheque that i post in at 9.30 clears. sometimes it makes me sad but then i remeber that god will look after all of us?

peace and love, aidan x

Tuesday, 30 September 2008

we are all beutifull

so these pictures will come out with a big white bit on them. but they are some lovely pictures of us concentraiting and looking funny. they make me smile. thanks shredder.

Sunday, 28 September 2008

my mother has a turkey to cook

i have not done an update for a while but this because i have not a camera. but we went to churtsey the other weekend and all had a beutiful time.
i will tell you some things that have happened that i like.

i have got a contract on my phone, that makes me feel grown up. i get 500 messages and 150 minutes for fifteen pounds every month.

went to where shakesperes house was.

i have washed three times this week already. and the other night i went to the pub with my chick and did ten shots, that makes me savage. apple sours so it didnt really count thats more like apple juice, but still ill take it.

jibs favourate birthday ever was when he went bowling.

i did a little guff and poll didnt know what happened. im so fucking smooth.

i was sat out side a shop the other day and this old lady come passed in her wheel chair, arms rested on the side rests, scouting herself along with her feet, then she got to an upslope and couldnt quite make it up it so just got out of her wheelchair and pushed her wheel chair up the slop and walked it down the road. me and jenn laughed like it was 1998.

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

i am aidanmaximus

so this is so media lost in the relms of blew bmx, so i give you one of the proudest moments in my life. i am aidanmaximus.

aidan x

Saturday, 13 September 2008

scotts big night out; by jenn.

he arrived on a moonlit evening on a baby star by a plum called pea, out of the darkness into the light, arrived scott felix edgeworth joined by his friends he went on an adventure witch began in an insese filled room full of candle light and danceing and love.
scott felix edgeworth, tied his dog outside borders and stopped off for a light refreshment in a drinking house, named poo na na ni naaas, there upon he stumbled on his loyal friends, that he thought were lost on a voyage to thorpe park back in 1998, he was so happy to of found them again, so he winked them over for a drink.

one of them was his friend called friendly friendly friend, who hed met once before on a fishing boat on its way to the ilse of skye. where they drank lots of rum and caught the secret crab of the west, and what a fine dinner they had that evening.

and there he re-enacted the crab scene in the pub surrounded by the moon and the waves beating against his ankles.
once he got off his fishing boat with his dog, he was so pleased to be on dry land, he relished the oppertunity to see all of his friends and then he typed up his biography of events.

Daz buys drinks then he spills them. Aiden eats allsorts because he is a pig. Cool people go to the london aquarium, liam wont go because his bird is real young. get ready to exercise your funny bone as scott, aiden and jen less than 7 roles playing alaska is no less than 7k miles away gives the performance of their careers. They have been through the bush and back looking for the ups ands downs, but they have found nothing more than a wicker basket down to the size of a toads heart. This is a slapstick riot, and this is why Liam Eltham does not work the rain. Jacobs bedroom is full of pillows from chaz's room and I shit you not and there is a goldfish the size of a stranger that Jen would like.
Basically, whoever decides the life long figure of amy whinehouse then live with aiden and jen cos they are cool and they live close to fast food. Aiden has nice jumps butgluider boy could pay the rates but he's not sure babout the area, but he does not like the idea of tim buck too living in his back garden. I'm not sure if aiden works in a slightly rough pub or with autistic people, either way he is cool and could potentialy do 270 no handers! he made a duck and it whistled for a short while. Cotthill now has the the cover of ride and thats that. Lima's girlfriend did'nt come out and is it because she is too young - peter o file? either way we're going to london aquarium to seee sharks and thats final. Stingrays are sharp just ask Steve Irwin. Steve is a longman but he is a faggot, daz is also ginger but he is gnarly as fuck but he knocks over flowerpots which is silly but anyway I have is back! I liked aidens shirt but now its open I feel sorry for him, Liam wants driving boots with leather straps but pipe is a lost cause. Revell is an agressive man whoo thinks nothing of punching a sunken man - fuck you, you 28 year old lookalike! Jason is way better than you and that is fact..
matt jones is a teddy bear winker, now a teddy bear winker is not just a poser but a new order carpit fitter. dont fuck with the the news agents because they can decide what they want to./
love jennifer and aidan. x

Friday, 12 September 2008


i allways really enjoy watching this, i hope you do to.

aidan x


last night me and jenn were awoke by a super super crazy screaming. we live in an ok ish area but it has its moments.
but anyway this scream was about three doors down but it was so load that it woke me straight bolt out of bed, it sounded like some one was being killed it was that mental.
so i looked out the window and theres a police car witch made it better, but then she was being frog marched down the road screaming so loud making no sense. it was almost like she was possesed. freaked me out a treat. couldnt sleep. dont want to really know what it was about. any way here are some things that made me laugh.

1. i was walking across a field and this ladys dog followed me, she called him back to her with a shout of "WILLSSOOONN" like the cast away film with the ball and tom hanks, made me chuckle.

2. saw a dog eat a shrew. didnt make me giggle but it happened.

3. i drove a tractor into two different fences. that made me giggle.

4. i got into the bath and couldnt be bothered to wash, so i drank a can of relentless, didnt make it any easier though.

5. my mum went to africa, and on her last night the men of the village killed and cooked her a goat, and danced for her. my mum said that she was very full after her goat.

6. i took jenns dog sweep for a walk down by the river in abingdon whilst jenn went for an interview, and in the car driving there i was talking to jenn about if swep the dog fell in the river would she swim back to me. jenn said no, you would have to rescue her.
anyway off on our walk we went. and the river was really high and fast, because of all the rain weve had.
so sweep got excited and ran over to where there was a boat and a dog, she went to go sniff the other dogs bum, but as she did this her back legs fell into the river. i shat myself and ran over there, but luckily the women on the boat caught her before she fell in.
but really the only reason she didnt fall in was because she is kind of chubby and she go wedged inbetween the boat and the side.
this did make me giggle. alot.

cheerio. aidan x

father ted

these pictures i really love.
and i have allways enjoyed this landing and i like it when you ride things in when you see the tyre lines, gives me a little funny feeling.

uuummmm bop, do a rolly polly.

we we went to the fackin aquarium didnt we. jen really wanted to see some sharks so aff we went on our little travels. we went out and got so so rad and then i had to rescue him from a chicks. he lured the chick in by swinging his shirt around his head shouting at her telling her that she wants it.

so we were wondering around the aquarium and then this happened, it just happened thats all and its the best.

me and the jib looking interested in the flowers, they were lovely, the first flower that i touched i got a really bad prick off, so much so that i started bleeding, what a lovely outing.

http://www.pipesalonannex.co.uk/ pipe featherd jenns hair. a man of multi talents.
i think that i am the most excited person in this picture. we went to the local museum. i love dinosors, honestly i get so thrilled when i see a skeleton of one. me and my mother used to go to the ilse of wight when i was younger and there allways used to be sections of the beach blocked off because they had found a mental fossil.
this is the sign that we have outside our house these days. rice and mice aidan x

Monday, 1 September 2008

i have a mink coat.

the other day i met a chap from bosnia at a disco. we started nattering and he talked a little like borat, so that was slow but interesting, and then he said that were we lived was a little disturbing because of all the foreign people that are living around here. wait a minute, he's foreign.

any way that was interesting, then i asked him weather he was looking for an english chick to marry. then he told me a long drawn out story about some girl he gave flowers to,
then she told him that he loved him,
then she had a boyfriend,
he didnt believe her,
then her boyfriend told him that he was going to kill him,
then he sung to her down the phone,
then she was i bed with her boyfrien and he begged her to not do it,
then her mum told him that she would call the police if he tried phoning her again.
and most of this was done over text.

its amazing the chalenges of love.

shabba. o and i really like the picture. x
hello there my dearests, went and got some pictures of an adventure that we went on to watch the empire. first things first i d say one of the best things this weekend was the weather and getting that little red line on your nose.
went and cheered on this chap riding on the wall of death. apparentally next year they are going to st the whole wall on fire.
came up with the idea of making a banner to cheer him on. i personally think it was a work of art.
and we were the only ones there with a flag. people are just too lazy or there just too cool for stuff like this, either way i fuckin love it and next time i make a banner it will be 95 thousand feet tall and in the shape of an armadillo.

was in oxford sat waiting for my chick and this chp came up to me looked me straight in the eyes no futher away than an arms lenght and said. "you got any crack" and i swiftly replied with, " no thankyou very much i do not have any crack" then he said "bye" and thats that.
number 1 liam, number 1. i felt proud of the chap.
me and jennifer went round the annex and made t-shirts with the pipe and the jib, jenn fell asleep so jib ballbagged her. o that jibbles he such a joker. i was out of the room when this was happenning of course.
another thing that wasent funny was the other night me and jennifer went to a party with a trampoline. and jennifer got thrown across the trampoline head first in to the trampoline wall. this was not funny at all? good to watch though. i have knackered my thumb two days ago, might be broken. here me and the pipe spray.
so when we went to empires first campsite we got thrown out in the morning because we broke the three rules of the campsite.
1. dont make fire.
2.dont play on the adventure play ground after dark
3.dont make to much noise.
i personally would like to contest point number two. now, i put it to you that, any twenty one plus year old person would allways get excited if they came across alot of adventure playground obsticals in the middle of the night when they were not expecting it.
but you must ask our lovely rory osullivan about the little adventure we had. o my lordy lord how did that get there pipe. its off
icial lights in the woods t-shirts coming to a sport and soccer near you now.
look how pretty this sky is.
went to a festival a while back so i will get some of those pictures as well.
well done liam. and to everyone else that had a lovely tme. well done to poll for necking that whole can of spageti.
im of to the botanical gardens in oxford this afteroon, and to eat ice cream.
aidan x x