Tuesday, 22 July 2008

just putting s few pics of the chaz head up. go to http://www.blewbmx.com/ and cheack out some pics from the peters of luke. look at him go.
my advert fo marlboro lights. they fed marlboro tabacco to 50 chickens and 49.5 of those chickens survived. you do the maths about smoking. but if you are good at it.....
red bull. empire empire empire will be so so rad.
im going to bed. have so many stories. i will share them. rice and john clease. aidan x

Sunday, 20 July 2008

artful dodger

yo charlie, dont know how to leave a comment so this is my email address. and for any one else as well theshovelload@hotmail.com
old picture of jumps this year when stuff was getting foresty. we have alot of fun alot of the time, have some amazing stories for you. go to www.prettyshady.com and www.xanga.com/lightsinthewoods litw for life. aidan x

Friday, 18 July 2008

helloooo. had a really nice day today. i awoke this morning early and i drove my chick to work, and i was listening to the radio, the chris moyles morning show is super funny sometimes, so i dropped her off and wanted to keep listening so i went down the jumps made a fire and had a cup of tea, and fixed a few things up. made the last lip in winehouse actually look like a lip. everything is still abit damp.
heres aquestion for you.
"if you drive against the rotation of the earth doe you use more petrol ? "

this is some of the newer bigger stuff that we will be getting rad on soon. serious hang time dude.
Whos that. the eltham came and got rad for the whole afternoon which was pretty sweet. whos more famous, ian morris or alex dropsy? we started building a first lip and roller. apparently theres going to be a night out in wantage, called " the last wantage night" everyone is invited.
built a sweet bbq bit with stones. you, yes you come and have dinner with us in the woods and we can tell you stories.
now you must go to WWW.DELUXEBMX.COM and go and watch davros get rad.thankyou for the link. if you have my number, call me and come get rad. aidan x

Thursday, 17 July 2008

yiu make me feel like a natural woman.

me like the chicken, a rollin and a flicking. jamie rules my life i go and do it then i just go to sleep. that steve bloke is a fucking shit, he never phones back, you should phone up champion there much better. this is a conversation tht is happening around me at this second, i cant type fast enough so it doesnt make sense.
i made this lip , it shined so bright i could see my face in it. it is actually july. i think that we have had to ride the trails in all together about 1 million times, thats 1 million times. but its ok we have a kettle. and this is what gets me through the days,
once when i was younger, i took someones drugs, but they did not now. then cycled my girlfriend across the fields, and she was telling that when i was bunnyhoping my bike i looked like a horse, then my bike broke, so i was legging it through muddy fields with my bike on my back, smoking and my shoes falling off in the mud. but i wasnt getting tired. maybe if we all took drugs we would get alot more done in our days.

jib told me once that if you get a dead goldfish and put it in a bowl of water with vodka it comes back to life. i apologise for what you have read. but me mate dave......... aidan x

congradulations to liam getting on profile europe. top dog!

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Terry wogan

so over weekend me and the chaz went down jumps and friday, i hurt my ankle getting rad so i took som pictures of chaz riding moses, and heres that little scamp. when chaz talks he gets those little collections of white syliva in the corner of his mouth sometimes, i havent said anything to him a bout it, should i? he a lso kissed a girl down the woods and this is how she turned out. bless.
me and couch the other night went to this teachers disco, all i knew was that it was cash in hand so i was stoked as to was couch, the whole night we danced and served a few people, got paid a hundered pounds each and came away with five bottles of wine and a bottle of tequila. they were all super rich and the more drunck they git the funnier it was, fellas talking to us about viagra, women telling us how they are suddenly growing hair behind there knee caps. sweet. a bowl went round with keys in a well.
so im off to work now but am looking forward to having a good dig over weekend, call me and say hello if you havent spoken to me in ages. x x

oo op me momma.

"o frontteer, put the ball down and lets watch countdown"
i havent done an update for a while, have been in the midst of being super ill and working. am organising a holiday for lots of children so that pretty much takes up my time at moment. but the trails have been running super fun latley before the rain has made an appearence again, so super rad sessions have been happening. makes me smile. everything that i built throughout winter has work this year, thanks to the crazy rad chaps it is all possible. and heres to many more, hip hip horray. i once saw justin lee colins walk through bristol. jo came and visited, so go visit him at www.prettyshady.com. beutiful flicks. here i do a jump. this jump is called keith, i reallt reallt like this jump. really do.

it was reall dry when i was neating this lip out, so will get it super rad now in rain.
bout this broom, within 5 minutes it had started to snap. waffa people designing brooms bad combination. x x