Saturday, 24 April 2010

the milford sisters

yes local. we used alot of water for this hour and a bit ride. was worth iot though.
this is my new racer bike, not as fun as my other older haggared bike, but this will save me alot of petrol, money that i dont have. i reckon that im going to spray it black and paint some flames on it thats what you were thinking to.

ive figured out that i woul love to meet tom jones, sit down an have a cup of squash with him, and listen to his stories.

aidansaidan. x

Friday, 23 April 2010

being born.

here are our cats, the black one Emily is in labour as Joanna comforts her with a lick on the head.
out pops a little one. do you find looking at my cats private parts pushing out a kitten wierd.
the start of this ones life.
and then the four that followed. and then on the same day after emily stopped giving birth joanna gave birth to her kittens as well, so this whole bithing process went on four eight hours, i found the whole experience pretty rad, and now i have 9 kittens to play with.
congradulations girls, top job.

the dads of these kittens wont be coming near them again. they ran for there little lives.

aidansaidan. x

Sunday, 18 April 2010

watch me twirl my hips.

sat by the river with jennifer at the weekend an watched the ducks go about there buisness.

the jumps are super dusty, its like a desert.
the ground has turned white in some bowls. the leaves are late.
slipped over a berm, ive forgotten over winter that this sometimes happens in summer and really hurts. back to work at school with cut up arms and knuckles. thats why i only wear long sleve shirts to work to avoid the questions.
you know where this is.
aidansaidan. x

Friday, 16 April 2010

the snake looks angry.

you got your shirt on in the end didnt you poll, good man.
the lambs are out, there so lovley that they are almost annoying, would you punch a lamb, i dont think that i could, but then i could eat once real easily. i take it back, dont punch a lamb, id like to see someone catch one first though.
i fought this snake for three hours. i also rode this lip today. cant believe i thought about punching a lamb in the chops, there so lovely.

if you didnt laugh at that last sentence then, your mum.
aidansaidan. x

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Luke Bryan.

look at the dogs face and listen to the lyrics. its like the picture of michel jackson with bubbles. he is growing on me.


soggy brochly

Daz chops his birthday cake that jennifer sculpted and my guinie pig shows some moral support.
and here i check if this horse has a cock.
i have found a new singer to add to a collection, his name is luke bryan and he is a simple country lad, releasing songs from the heart, classics such as, " welcome to the farm" "someone else calling you baby" and "we rode in trucks" you tube it.
i once saw samantha mumba have a wee in a malberry bush whilst Andrea Corr held her knickers out the way.
aidansaidan. x

Monday, 12 April 2010

rub a scrub dub

the annual bath of the week, the water doesnt saty water like long untill it turns into a little swamp, then i drop part of my easter egg into the bath then forget to clean it out then it looks like i did a poo.
what do you think the world was like through tutankhamoons eyes, do you think that he was a tough nut or do you think that he just appeared that way, or do you think that he wasnt bothered. either way building jumps in egypt woould be difficult.
wow little search on google and here are a set of trails in cairo.
that bug spoiled the picture.

we were talking around the fire and max informed us that it is harder for men to get aids as our penis's are waterproff, nothing goes in just comes out. im surprised that this comment didnt come out of jibs mouth.
mike mettleys magic fingers fixed my camera.
aidansaidan x

original firelighters

this dog is scared of flies, a fly fly's near and she runs a queer. jumps are doing really lush for this time of year.
some children sold me these flowers for 1 pound, they stopped me on my bicycle and i told them a joke. had some really lovely days in the sun last week, sweaty, my plan for this year is not to smell as much throughout the summer.
this guy.