Saturday, 30 August 2008

shabba, the trails have been super rad fun latley and i still dont have any pictures, but here is a picture from a couple of years ago. lots of fun and many stories. holy bannana. will tell a storie later.

Saturday, 23 August 2008

hellooooo, i have not updated for a very long time my dears. it has been so wet down the jumps for about a month and a half, but today we shall ride and shred and have a fire. so much has been done at the jumps. i would love to put some pictures up but i cant at the moment, we have just moved house and we are just getting things sorted out.
but i have stolen one. or two.

me and the pipe.

we played a game the other night where we through flour at each other in my new lovely house. blewbury ed got it whilst boffing, pipe got it whilst filming, right in the eyes and proceeded to shout, " fuck im blind, fuck im blind, pricks, fuck, i cant see" he wasnt blind so we told him to wash it out so he did, whilst we put more flour down his pants, so the he started swinging for us. and then he laughed about it.

then chaz got it in his room. we just wanted to entertain his new chick.

i have so many stories, just need to get pictures sorted out. aidan x