Friday, 24 October 2008


i aidan mahon am going to start a countryside fetish car boot sale, but i could call it a car booty sale. im in somerset at the moment and theres a really drunk chick in the pub and is annoying she just smashed a glass and shes having one of those chick im going to cry moments. duuuurrrhhhhh.
any hoo here is a picture of me that davros took im super stoked on. a little interview on me on deluxe, have a look might make you smile who nows. she really is annoying. have a lovely weekend, i would like to go to the beach.
peace and love aidan x x

the library 2

so being my new home as of late. i have learnt alot. they have computors that you can use for free.
still no pictures but we do have a cat living in our shed, we have named the cat santa, have created i little bed for him or her which santa does sleep in and we feed santa every evening.
im off to dig then work then go to somerset for the weekend. im stoked. have a lovely weekend my lovers.
peace and love aidan x x

Friday, 17 October 2008

priceless memories

the best thing about this update is that if you know jib then you will laugh alot. im on his computor, and im stoked. go ahead and chuckle.

Thursday, 16 October 2008

the library

so this is what it has come to, i have to update from the library. i guess it makes me feel important, apart from theres this lady who allways tells me that the university of winchester was highly recomended to her, i allways say thats lovely and carry on. bless.

so have ridden the jumps a bit and churtsey jam was pretty rad, this isw an indian summer.
havnt got a camera at the moment and have no computor, and i am so poor that i actually have no money untill the cheque that i post in at 9.30 clears. sometimes it makes me sad but then i remeber that god will look after all of us?

peace and love, aidan x