Thursday, 30 April 2009

Monday, 27 April 2009

forgot these, they make me smile.

x x

so this is pretty much what happened on my best day of cruching around the past three and a bit weeks. im pretty much fuck for money so with my fifteen pounds and stu we went on an adventure. and got fucking bolloxed, pretty much like a full on lads on tour but without the ibiza club and a lot of face down on the pavement.

so i took stu to the prettiest poshest pub i could find in oxford, chaz came and in all his glory with his helmet, i cruched my way through the packed pub falling into the walls, this dude looked super concerned, as he went to help me up, and i politley said to as i got up " im pissed as a fucking fart, thats why in wearing a helmet" then laughed then cruched off as though i was bamby first coming out of the womb.

thankyou stu for the fabulous outing, and a wonderful day.
aidansaidan. x x

Thursday, 23 April 2009

a hello and good day to you,so here i am smoking another cigarette, acting cool, reveling in my glory at fifa 2004.
so its only a week and four days till i get my cast off and im very excited.
had a pretty cool dream last night bit wierd though, me and pipe went and checked out this house that was real old and hasnt been lived in sicnce the sixties it seem, but we found a way in, and all that was on the floor was one of thas old phones that you have to turn the dial to get to the number. i was walking round the house and walked into the front room which was real dark and just saw pipe facing the corner of the room, his head lowered and arms straight beside him, first thought was.....
did a turn around. pipe stop being silly, but he didnt turn around, come on pipe lets look in this tin, still he didnt turn around, he usually would to look in a tin, i walked in to the kitchen, then i heard a massive scuffle and pipe screaming, i ran ack to the room and there was nothing there apart from his shoes and a blood hand print on the wall.
did a turn around with a hand off.

that could be a true storie, the house was real, i hope we didnt unleash and evil spirt by going in it.
any way while all the boys wre in austin ed and i took a few pictures. he took them, i jumped.
here i tok my hands off. it was super dark and on one off the nohanders i caught my bars one hand normal the other under the bar, i stopped after that.

hadnt done this for a while. daz cheered me on.

relly like this hip, very good fun. over the past coulpl of weeks because i cant ride, can dig a bit and stuff, but have mainly been shredding the darts. lots of good rules. we all have darts names now as well.
Aidan "the hammer" mahon
Liam "the launch" eltham
Darren "the deadeye" parker
poll "the precision" pollard
pipe "the wanger" williams
local "the lefteye lopez" sorry local have forgotton your last name.
and thats all that i can remeber.

no leaves here, not now.

looks like im riding a cruiser here.

tried to look cool in this shot.
bought a really cool picture fo the hut the other day, if you have ever watched titanic, its the picture that jack painted of rose.

well fabulouse. take it easy.
aidansaidan. x x

Friday, 17 April 2009

jib with a bear. jib on a horse. so good.

aidansaidan. x