Thursday, 18 March 2010

bloddy bulls into the big bloddy metal ship.

right now i would like to sit under a waterfall with clear blue water. it was nice and dry untill this evening. this horse tried to eat my radio the other day, so i jumped on his back and rodeoed him for a good 32 seconds.
i think that i will have a cap of rum, have a dance, and rub my tummy.
aidansaidan x.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Brazilian Jui Jitsu

Second water run of the year. so this morning i have been watching cage rage fighting as im thinking of joining a kid up to some martial arts school, not so sure any more. go search hell in a cell WWF mankind vs the undertaker. thats entertainment. takes me back to year seven, smoking cigarettes out my bedroom window.
there he is hey hey, its the JIBBLER. myself and Jib had an indepth conversation about what it would be like to put a cat in the oven, and watch what happens. jib said "there eyes would explode", i said, "really" he said, "well, somethings got to give"
aidansaidan x

Saturday, 13 March 2010

pregnant innercity life.

Today was a momentus day. jump build.
Land on.

so i myself and Jennifer took the two cats and the guinie pig to the vets. came home with two cats that are pregnant and a guinea pig with shorter nails.

Woops, we thought that they had friends, not that they were going to get nailed. at least the guinea pig is clean. Jenns allready figured out the names for the cats to come. the next couple of months will be interestin. ive allready watched about thirty cats giving birth on youtube, i can image myself sat there shouting PUSH, holding there little paws down.
i wonder weather its going to be smelly.

aidansaidan x

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Trim my hedge.

a few things that has happened recently. i made an old women laugh, filled my car up with petrol and forgot my wallet and didnt have enough money, plucked feathers out of a dead feasent.
collected potatoes and shovelloed horse poop. told a child off and when he argued back, i told him to shut up. im missing a meeting tomorow because i want to dig.
did up a few lips, ate Mcdonalds chips, passive smoked, bought new sneakers, havent worn pants in one week.

aidansaidan x

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

black fur on my tounge.

Rode the first two jumps yesterday. had lots of wind behind me. and then was greeted with a groovey sunset.
a walker poped past and asked me if i had had a wheel barrow go missing, i replied "yes" he said were it was and i went and retrieved it. so kids had taken it and the skull sculpture, they were making a little den on the cliff.
if i catch these children........................
aidansaidan x

Monday, 8 March 2010

little village with little village.

so stuff seems to be drying out nicely now, and stuff is starting to look nice again. i have been mostly listening to disney songs today. look how wonky the wheel on this barrow is, i got this for christmas 2006.

aidansaidan x

Sunday, 7 March 2010

nice tattoo mate

went to bournemouth, and had a lovely time. its nice to see the sea every so often.
so we took chaz off ollie guns hands for a bit. met a guy in a pub that necked a pint of jack and coke because some flash london man bet him £100 to do it. he was not in good nick, but his girlfriend was looking after his £85 left.
ollie gun.
So chaz and a few guys have been busy.its a really nice little wood and will have a fun line there for summer. apparentally the sun will destroy the earth in 5 billoin years.

we went to the new forrest to see the horses. this was my steed. he was amazing to ride, we jumped a stream, i never thought that a wild horse could be so delightful.
this was jenns horse, the cousin of mine. we called him aaron carter because of his curtains.
and this was thier mother, kate moss. three lions on a shirt.
and this was good fun to blow some cobwebs away. some guy filmed me and chaz having a race on it on there camera phone, its on you tube probably.
aidansaidan. x

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Disco Disco

This one goes out to Davros. So myself and jennifer are off to merry old Bournmouth tomorow to see some long lost friends and a lads on tour couple of nights, and also to give oli gunn a break from chaz.
These are my two cats. its tough when you work from home lots because i look over my sholder and they are nearly allways doing this, and in winter this is also what i feel like doing alot.
Find the needle in this fucker eh.
aidansaidan x


So on my 23rd birthday, i did this. made jenn sweep
Made jenn dig.
Made Jenn pack
a job well done.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

New Bycycle

This is my new bycycle, a Raliegh Super Sports. my grandad bought it with the money that he got when he came out of the RAF in the 1940's and i have mad it work again, new tyres and bolt fidling and off we go. the wind blowing in my hair, sun on my face, a lipstick kiss on my cheak, a swig of stella and continue my manly cycle ride.

and my jennifers bike.
sweep doesnt have a bike but i bet she wishes she does, thats why shes licking her lips.
aidansaidan. x