Saturday, 27 February 2010

Soggy toes

its been doing this alot lately, today i was merely digging away and then it started to rain real hard then i took my radio and myself under the role in and carried on listening to chelsea vs man city, wayne bridge and john terry didnt shake hands.

then it started hailing but super big hail bits, and when i emerged there was a river flowing through the jumps, so i went home and and ate pizza. it did look like this when i walked into the woods, can smell spring. man city beat chelsea 4 - 2.
Built a new jump, no dought that its fallen down even with the tarp on.

im off to drink cocktails, but have to buy my glastonbury ticket first.

Flap. aidansaidan.


Thursday, 25 February 2010


So after a long week of inspecting the footprints that ran over the jumps, i have finally found out my numero uno culperate.

This man, Charles isle of Mann. the cheak of it all. this was the confronting phone call, it finished with me saying, " what ever, your mum"
give me a call posty.


Tuesday, 23 February 2010


a Landing.
a sunset and dazes birthday cake.

Monday, 22 February 2010

Mystic Meg.

Hello there, this is my lovely wife taking it easy on valentines day watching her muscular husband dig and flex. that was my present to her, the gift of watching me dig.
this berm and landing below has now been blown out along with alot of other landing from the beating that is called half term.
i went to see a fortune teller and she told me to look into ythe horses mouth for the answer, so i looked into his eye. eye eye.
the man himself, the DAZZLER.
So had some more snow today, which has made the mud real heavy, so thing are falling down all over the shop.
I got stopped the other night for going out looking for one of my cats joanna who haddent come back witch was real unusual for her as she is really simple and doesnt know where she is most of the time. got stopped by the police for lingering and looking over peoples hedges.
i wonder how many times they have heard, " im just looking for my cat"

good luck to chaz who has won a spot on Deal or No Deal.


Sunday, 7 February 2010


here are a few pics, check out my boom box, it only takes four AA batteries. solid.

Things are coming back together after the ough winter on the jumps, fair play to them i wouldnt stand out in the weather that we have had this winter.