Saturday, 31 May 2008

euro 2008

so, today,wasnt it lovely, i have two stories for you but im going to write them some other time. i will tell you a fact though, chaz has a date. and maybe she will become mrs mann. here is matt, he was trhinkong of wheatabix at this moment, and to be honest why not. and here he gets rad and half spins over the wall , pretty good eh, went to radley, and laughed alot.
cows, now then, hairy will came and got rad and laid it down, and the boltrox came with chaz and said bitch alot leading me to the cows. bolty is a cow. and jib lies alot.
i actually ate a cow.
im off to eat at jamie olivers new italian resturant in town, faboulouse, any way, i will tell you these stories some ither time.
heres one of my jokes. how many sykiatrists does it take to change a light bulb

1, but the light buld really has to want to change.

shabba x

me and mr jones

today i have eaten four oranges and noe the sides of my mouth are tingleing,

but anyway, the other day i went down the jimps after work and o my lorddy lord did it rain, it rained so much that i gave up on tiptoeing through puddles to just walking through them, and my tshirt was stuck to me, which made me look real sexy man like, like the diet coke adds. there was drainage systems overflowing into others
was nuts, and it did it the next day as well, and the two big langers have fallen down abit.
but theres a stencil that i did and a picture of my chick beacause her hair looks rad.
faboulous. x x go look at nathen beddows blog.

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

the other day.

today i have earned a quick few delboy bob, played chess, bought william a kiwi fruit and made ommellets. someone told me once that everytime you head a football you loose one braincell, maybe thats why the best keepy upper people in the world are so good at keepy uppies because they only no how to do one thing, and thats do lots of headers.

i thought of this day the other day, me and rankin three years ago riding the jumps in.there he is. go watch sprung video 3 sheep hills section. amazing!
heres a couple of stencils that i did a bit ago, need to get some more stencil juice.

i remeber once when i was super small about 6 or 7 i used to hang round with this dude, we had a good relation ship, we played boxing and i ended up running home crying, when he was naughty his dad hit him with a spoon and i ran home crying and when we played football i once got a fly in my eye and when i couldnt see he kicked me in the shins, so i ran home crying, then one day we lost our ball down the drain we lifted the drain cover up and it fell on him, and he ran home crying, these things just happen dont they!
if you are lucky enough to find me then go look at shredder and chaz's site on the links to see some rad pics from himself chazhead.

hope you have a lovely day and heres to the weather man. shabba x

joe alderson check your table out 5 years ago in my book

stunt yellow bellow. sweet.

Monday, 26 May 2008

these are some pictures from a couple of booke that i have made so that when i get to sixty or older and find these books then i can be like, sweet look grandkids what i used to do and all the stories to go with it.
the first four pictures are of when i used to ride mountain bike, and the brow pictures are of last year sometime.
you might even be in one of the books if your lucky. that means i will never forget who you are.


what a lovely bamk holiday we are graced with, bet the gloscter cheese roll was pretty nuts, crazy gloster locals legging it down a hill, when we went a couple of years ago you literally had to hang on to roots from trees so that you wouldnt fall down the hill. and when i stood at the top behind three people i still couldnt see the bottom of the hill its that steep, i got that feeling in my tummy like i was stood on the edge of a cliff. nuts.

just popped to the jumps and was so wet.

only there for an hour and couldnt really hack the grotty ness, so cleared a puddle to fill up the bucket, and decided to head back and hang out with the rabbit.

go watch peep show on google video, so so funny. when it rains things collapse, it makes the mud super heavy, might start covering things up through out rainy days. we built this lip up yesterday so will be so much better when its hard.

sweet and thats that, everything is getting dialed and rad, go tem go. peace and love x
and congradulations to chaz who has just passed his haircutting course, thats lovely that is.

hello hello, i cant belive that i have set up a blog, im stoked, this will be a lot of fun, sweet, mu blogs name is aidansaidan just so that you dont forget my name and what not, any hoo, im real excited, so im going to take so pics of the love bumps in the rain so i can put them on the site, sick, over and out , and some balloons. amazing.