Tuesday, 4 November 2008

ring a ring a roses

stuart loxley loves. so once a dear friend of mine asked another dear friend of mine, as to what it was like living with some new aged travellers, well we have started collecting the rings, now all we need is a speed boat. me and jennifer, went and had lunch and this is how i became productive.

shakespears house.

me on the beach, i caught five crabs no bigger then the tip of a finger and one fish, all with my bear hands. one day i might feed a crab up, and call him a dear friend also.

have been starting digging, when i have time, between work and grown up important things, all covers are on and the jumps are a soggy as dipped buiscuits.

bum bermer

hope all have a fabulouse day.
do you know that if the clouds went away then it would be sunny.
peace and love. aidan x

dont call me baby

so we have a computer again and now i can put some lovely photos up, have been working alot lately, the trails are super wet and it seems like some early morning visits to dig will have to happen lots this winter. anyway, if anyone reads this, go to www.howies.co.uk and read about a very interesting company.
peace and love, aidan. x