Thursday, 26 June 2008

burger nipples.

today has been a marvoulous one. have been to the jumps twice, first time rode like a twat and my chain snapped after five minutes.
so i consoled myself with comfort eating, here i cooked some burgers on fire. and this is the end result, a bangin sandwich, have some of that. look at the ketchup seepage. so i comfort ate my sandwich and scooted home.
then went back and me and poll shreded, tested a landing and made a lip sweet and got rad. YES. but now it is raining like a gaylord outside. soon as the jump ride then the sky goes wild.

i went to a pud trade fair in london a couple of months ago, and had such an amazing time, theres about thirty different drink stalls, all the drink is free, and lots of food, i got smashed. walked around with a ice lolly in one hand a hot dog on the other bag full of crisps, wondering up to stalls asking for beer, i had to try and act serious, but as soon as they looked at my badge i walked off.

there was this one german drink tent where i wondered over to. they had four different beers, and i said to them politly, "please can i try all of them" he said "ok" he poured them all out and i drank three then the last one heexplained to me was some beer call frawningnang, wasnt called that but thats the best german word i can think. he said that "this beer is from the forests of germany" me being hammered took a deep breath and drank it, then he waited for a response and the one i gave him was, "yeah, yeah, um yeah, thats definatley, yeah, if i was to drink a tree thats exactly what it would taste like". he looked muddle so i just walked of smiling. free beer.

rice and fleas. x

universal card reader.

today i have blown my nose alto. watched tele with my eyes closed and that's about that. have been pretty ill since the weekend so haven't been to jumps, being all snotty and that but this is what we did when having all the fun.
jumps were real damp so we squared this lando in. then we had a picture perfect moment.
then we made the berm real smooth.
then we went to iffley, and jib was there. he then he was looking so damn cool. then over dinner he told me that oxford has more bikes than Amsterdam. this is not true. was jib lieing? you decide. thanks for dinner jib. where were you going when i saw you on the bus?
the day before, we went on a street ride and stopped off at the pub and i left my wallet there, by accident, so rang the pub and they said that some dude was taking it to the police station, so off we plodded to the station and my wallet wasn't there, all this dude had to do was walk about three hundred meters and hand my wallet in, so went to the pud and they said the same thing, so cancelled my cards, then had a ross tanner leather jacket off and luckily it was there in the morning, so thank you wallet man.
this is my new helmet. super oldskool, you cant buy these any more, only from a skate shop in an unknown village in the heart of bloxom.

rice and peas. x

Friday, 20 June 2008

palm tuesday.

so the jumps have been wet for the last four or so weeks and there has been a lot to get back running, i am supper gratful for the spot that the jumps are in but theres that somtimes where i really would like clay. just a little bit, no matter how you build a lip or landing if ots tall then it will get hurt, and when you fix it it takes a ges to set, even in summer, because no sun gets through the trees. but we have got a few things going a gain and there are some new thing popping up that will be nuts fun.

so now i am waiting to fix my puncture then im off to the woods to do more and have a fire. x

got a story.


hello my dears, the other day me and the chaz went up north to the land of brighouse, i had never been to leeds and was super excited, so after another night of sherry bombs and jenns weaping bladder, i a woke and headed to chaz picked him up. he took ages to get ready because HIS MUMMY WAS IRONING HIS UNDERPANTS, then proceeded to be in a mood because i wouldnt let him listen to atomic kitten in the car. bitch.
thats him in the orange t-shirt.
flip. he is pretty good though. go but read my update first.
theres the boys. so this is the plan when you get to brighouse, smoke, tesco bbq food, smoke, do a bbq, ride, smoke, drive, have a banger and drink. dan and john let us stay, thankyou very much fellows. jack is head chef of the barbie, he hussels everyday, even sundays.
fish cakes, a cake of fish, i am caked in fish.
wow. brighouse, is actually as smooth as glass, absolutly amazing, really didnt want to leave after an awsome two days.
this is how they roll at brighouse, if you cross there path, this is what happens. not really its just a pig.
ollie gun made the effort to come up, but he just stood on this lip for the whole time.
ping pong. i really want to go back, really nice up north, seems so relaxed. till next time troopers. jumps are getting there again. x

Thursday, 12 June 2008

will and grace.

so my lovers, a little bit more rain down this way.
check this picture out, can you tell what it is yet quote from the old rolf harris. spent all day today typing up kids stuff in an office today, i try and avoid office work as much as possible but have to try and blag more hours here and there, so it has to be done.
so i got home ate myself a sandwich cheered on the germans abit then dicided to head to this little ghetto skatepark that has been heard bout, actually jib told me, hes innocent after all. top bannanas. the must have sign to go with it.
i would guess that there is a bout one million pallets stacking this up, it was pretty rad to see would like to ride it when its dry. so much stuff could be done here. wicked.
this is what i messed around on a bit, did a few pedals to twosevens out which i havent done in ages so i was pretty stoked and it was in the wet and slippy.
there was lots of glass about and a got myself a puncture, at least it was from a bottle of merlot not stella eh. a classy puncture
i nearly drowned. if you look at this picture, go " splish splash splosh" in your head.
i made a stencil for the lights boys, go ride those bleu ramps.
also go see prettyshady.
anyway hopefully the weekend will bring us all a pile load of sunshine. have fun and get rad.

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

i like!

the other couple of days i have been doing so pretty rad stuff, getting the trails running again, went down there yesterday ago and went to ride in the first lip, and jumped it but got front wheel sinkage in the lip, happy days so i gave it a smake and a smooth and let it bake a little more.
anyway, i have taken some pictures and i am going to tell you what i like about each one of them.

i like this picure because the composition and the fact that he has a yellow flag.
i like this picture because it was super gnarly to watch.
i like this picture because it looks like it would be so much fun and there is dirt flying up.
i like this picture because i wish i had pink trousers, and they are piky kids.
" "

i like this picture because i get to drive it to earn money. nearly fell asleep whilst driving it.
i like this picture because of the cow siloet, and the fact that i cannot spell for shit.
i like this picture becuse pipe is incusitive about lots of things, there was a snake under the tree, name, michell.
i like this picture because it is kind of wierd like.
have a lovely day. x

Friday, 6 June 2008

bbc radio 4

hello my little ducks, today something amazing happened. i have drunk and finished two whole cups of tea and i turned into a dog.
there i am, "dont forget your keys aidan!"
And here i am just having a laugh. rain has taken its opertunity to have a lovely time pitter pattering away at the jumps, i walked down there the other day to see how they were after the rain, and 4 take offs and four landings had collapsed, and most things have to be resurfaced. so we have been getting on it and making them look the dogs mahuuners when they get rad a gain, yeah boys.
everything looked pretty much like this, i even had a little paddy by myself and phoned chaz and had a moan about the english weather and what not, dont think that he really cared as he was getting ready for a visit from the mayor of banbury, congradulating him and his massive cucumber.
i really enjoy lips. big news. in the next week i will get to drive a john dear tractor, i am so bloody excited.
any way , see you later i have to go watch the cinema at work. see you in a bit cowboys.

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

noahs ark

i have a friend, and his ex girlfriend got on stage at a bowling for soup gig and got her knockers out. theres something for the grandkids.
well then the mr loxley came over on saterday and we went and got rad at grove, super rad chilled lovely day.
everyone was going off as well. training for nass gets pretty intense somtimes, eh.
took a few snapples, havent taken pics in ages, so i was being a bit gay with the set ups, what a wazzuk.
heres liam.
here the lover boy of the group. taking a chance on the hip like he did the night before. ON his date. minty fresh.
im stoked in this picture of southern lo cal.

poll getting nuts.
getting rad.
and just generally laying it down.

i just watched the film evan all mighty, and i think that we should just build an ark because it is allways bloody raining, i mean for peats saik.
good luck to jib, who has joined up to the army for four years, you will make a good soldier buddy.
have fun. x