Thursday, 30 April 2009

Monday, 27 April 2009

forgot these, they make me smile.

x x

so this is pretty much what happened on my best day of cruching around the past three and a bit weeks. im pretty much fuck for money so with my fifteen pounds and stu we went on an adventure. and got fucking bolloxed, pretty much like a full on lads on tour but without the ibiza club and a lot of face down on the pavement.

so i took stu to the prettiest poshest pub i could find in oxford, chaz came and in all his glory with his helmet, i cruched my way through the packed pub falling into the walls, this dude looked super concerned, as he went to help me up, and i politley said to as i got up " im pissed as a fucking fart, thats why in wearing a helmet" then laughed then cruched off as though i was bamby first coming out of the womb.

thankyou stu for the fabulous outing, and a wonderful day.
aidansaidan. x x

Thursday, 23 April 2009

a hello and good day to you,so here i am smoking another cigarette, acting cool, reveling in my glory at fifa 2004.
so its only a week and four days till i get my cast off and im very excited.
had a pretty cool dream last night bit wierd though, me and pipe went and checked out this house that was real old and hasnt been lived in sicnce the sixties it seem, but we found a way in, and all that was on the floor was one of thas old phones that you have to turn the dial to get to the number. i was walking round the house and walked into the front room which was real dark and just saw pipe facing the corner of the room, his head lowered and arms straight beside him, first thought was.....
did a turn around. pipe stop being silly, but he didnt turn around, come on pipe lets look in this tin, still he didnt turn around, he usually would to look in a tin, i walked in to the kitchen, then i heard a massive scuffle and pipe screaming, i ran ack to the room and there was nothing there apart from his shoes and a blood hand print on the wall.
did a turn around with a hand off.

that could be a true storie, the house was real, i hope we didnt unleash and evil spirt by going in it.
any way while all the boys wre in austin ed and i took a few pictures. he took them, i jumped.
here i tok my hands off. it was super dark and on one off the nohanders i caught my bars one hand normal the other under the bar, i stopped after that.

hadnt done this for a while. daz cheered me on.

relly like this hip, very good fun. over the past coulpl of weeks because i cant ride, can dig a bit and stuff, but have mainly been shredding the darts. lots of good rules. we all have darts names now as well.
Aidan "the hammer" mahon
Liam "the launch" eltham
Darren "the deadeye" parker
poll "the precision" pollard
pipe "the wanger" williams
local "the lefteye lopez" sorry local have forgotton your last name.
and thats all that i can remeber.

no leaves here, not now.

looks like im riding a cruiser here.

tried to look cool in this shot.
bought a really cool picture fo the hut the other day, if you have ever watched titanic, its the picture that jack painted of rose.

well fabulouse. take it easy.
aidansaidan. x x

Friday, 17 April 2009

jib with a bear. jib on a horse. so good.

aidansaidan. x

Monday, 30 March 2009

the weekend was super lovely. had a really nice ride sunday evening when the wind had stopped being so windy from the day before. dear lord it was not pleasent that wind. so i went to find a picture of a sunny picture and this is what came up. fresh

fixed stuff up today at the woods as it has been so dry as of late, no leave mean no moisture, no no nooo, u uuuu. be everything i thinkis still looking fabulous. have a lovely day champions.
aidansaidan x

Saturday, 28 March 2009

found these two pictures floating about.
so i have bought my first car. it a ford ka and its super super gold. i really am moving up in the world eh.
so the woods are still really really dry, kind of doing my head in, but it means that i get to ride the jumps almost every day, witch kind of evens it out.
im at work at the mo, but all i really want to do is go get in my new ride and cruse over to mcdonalds holla at some bitches, take a bite of my big mac, spit it on the floor, glaire at the bitches, then wheel spin the fuck out of there.
that would actually be amazing , waste of a big mac though. this is a place called calne, steve geall the legend that is rode it in mbuk and had style for miles, tor it apart with oakleys on, steve if you read this, how the devil are you.

you are the one that i want, you are the one i want, ou ou ouuu honey.
roger banister ran the first four minute mile about 300 meters away from my house. shit the bed. i want to be somewhere else right now. have a lovely rest of the weekend.
peace and love.
aidansaidan x

Sunday, 22 March 2009

so its an amazing weekend, as i hope it is around the country for everyone also. rode the jumps and had a few visitors over the weekend witch helped ride stuff in. but stuff is soo so so dry, constant water trips are having to be done, but the jumps are getting there. when there this dry that i actually realise that they are actually sand castles. it will rain tonight so that will be lovely. love the sun though, top bannanas. so im at work. but this is a stu loxley picture
take it easy, cheerio.
aidansaidan x

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

well, here are some pics of a little riding in at the moment, its good fun, in previous years have allways changed the first jump and loads of the line so that it took ages to ride in again, but no no nooooo not this year. this was a good fun day, it was that first super sunny sunday of the year. thanks for the photos shredder.

changed this landing and its possibly 1 million times better

local bumm burner. i dared him to hit his willy with a stick, ended up that he had to get five stiches in it. he has some wierd fetishes.

didnt fall off.

got new tyres.

sick, lots of fixing and dialling to do. im at work but full on day off tomorow. the woods are amazing at the moment, its like a proper snow white seen, with woodpeckers pecking, butterflies, tweeting, the friendly robin, and its nearly time for the bluebells.
right on.
enjoy the sun, because i feel theres alot of rain around the corner.
peace aidansaidan. x

Sunday, 15 March 2009

key on the roof

i still do this alot. and its still my best trick.
these are some photos from this time two years ago, the year of the floods.

so its a really really nice day.
and im at work.
but its ok.
because daz is getting me in his magic van.
and were going to the woods.
peace and love . x

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

waffa banetez

hello. i was just looking through a website that i havent looked at in a while and found this loveley picture. bet you go zoom round that burm, good noise as well.
so the othet day i was at the woods in the morning early afternoon before work and thease two youngsters and there teacher came down from the boarding school down the road from the woods. i explained what they were and everything and the teacher ended up offering to get a load of the boys down from the boarding school to come and help out. i said thanks for the offer but were absolutly fine thankyou. they came back down today and had another little chat with me. im pretty sure they youngsters think im some real fly dude.
this was my monkey that used to guard the jumps for me when i wasnt there. he went missing around a year or so ago now. peace out monkey, im not angry with you but please come back, it would be great to see you. this picture was from sring 2007 in april, maybe april the 3rd, because it was in the week that i passed my driving test. good looking landing. didnt really work that great though. never mind.well im at work so i better go and do something. bought some pictures for the hut today, to give it a rustic feel.
rice and peas. aidansaidan. x

Monday, 9 March 2009

gabriela batistuta

so the day came that my birthday was upon me again, i dont really like birthdays, so we allways try to go away. so we headed to barcelona. mainly just a lads on tour thing going on, and o we did. we walked around a bit and saw a few archtitectural sort of things, then found a rad little irish bar and had it. Jenn got her yams out.
probably the highlight of the night was talking to this irish couple who had just had a kid, and the lady gave jenn and i the most amazingly graphic description of what it was like to give birth. and when you get drunk you get well into it. all i can say is that im glad i can never get pregnant. savage. your poor mother longman. so this here is scott the punk. we just got back into gatwick and we missed our bus by 2 minutes. walked back into the airport to look a some magazines and there was scott the punk and i staring at each other in amazement. but all i can say is that its lovely to see a friendly face.

frank got sorted out. daz getting kitted out.

i need to pull my trousers up. we rode the jumps on saturday, and it was super super fun. its the start of hopefully an amazing year down the woods. i cant wait. i have to get myself a little camera.
got a guinea pig. pretty much the best thing since sliced bread. she (jasmina) lays in bed with us in the mornings and licks my hand. what a glorious life.
goodnight sweetheart.
take it easy. thanks to lightsinthewoods for the pictures.
peace and love. x aidansaidan.

Friday, 27 February 2009

happiest man ive ever met.

hello there. holy bannanas, i have just realised that i actually have a website to do cool things on again.

well let me start. the jumps are really looking lovely. i can honestly say that i never thought that i would walk around the jumps in amazment of what is there, it makes me laugh everytime.
but it has been so much work. stuff falls down like a gobby skowser on a saturday night, its true though, its worth every moment.

the hut looks amazing.

i will say hello to you as well scott, i hurt my leg this time last year. i sat in bed listened to the cure and smoked a bong, which stopped me from watching shit afternoon telly and then woke me up for loose women. it will make you happy. i hope that you are not board and your leg isnt iching.

anyway, im going to have to get myself a camera, because jenn lost hers after setting off a fire alarm at a party and legging it with two pizzas. good times.

any way peace and love. take it easy.
im off to barcalona for my birthday. rad