Friday, 27 February 2009

happiest man ive ever met.

hello there. holy bannanas, i have just realised that i actually have a website to do cool things on again.

well let me start. the jumps are really looking lovely. i can honestly say that i never thought that i would walk around the jumps in amazment of what is there, it makes me laugh everytime.
but it has been so much work. stuff falls down like a gobby skowser on a saturday night, its true though, its worth every moment.

the hut looks amazing.

i will say hello to you as well scott, i hurt my leg this time last year. i sat in bed listened to the cure and smoked a bong, which stopped me from watching shit afternoon telly and then woke me up for loose women. it will make you happy. i hope that you are not board and your leg isnt iching.

anyway, im going to have to get myself a camera, because jenn lost hers after setting off a fire alarm at a party and legging it with two pizzas. good times.

any way peace and love. take it easy.
im off to barcalona for my birthday. rad