Saturday, 8 May 2010

i will find my lamb chop.

the hand of marrage.
this pile of mud i think is the best pile of mud ive ever piled up, its so beutiful and perfect, i put 110% into this, as much as when cheryl cole beat up that perfume lady in the toilets. how much is there actually to say about building that isnt boring.
when i was younger i used to pogostick off my garage roof if i had forgoten my key to my house, then one day i really needed the toilet. a number 2. i went out to the fields out the back of my house. did my number 2, then come back to my house and my mother had got home in the time that i was doing the do, gutted.

did you used to watch woodey the wood pecker.
we have two kittens call koala 1 and koala 2.
this is tiger.
this burm is called silky the slug. theres leaves in my jackoozie. did you know that davros has not allways been ginger, he spent the first 10 years of his life with mousey blonde hair. evolution.
aidansaidan. x

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